Rekkhan – What It Do (Aye) @REKKcognizeEnt

Posted: March 1, 2015 by in HIPHOP
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#NowWatching Rekkhan What It Do (Aye) by @REKKcognizeEnt

Artist: Rekkhan
Song Title: What It Do (Aye)
Video Link:

With the success of his albums “REKKCOGNIZE” , “REKKTIFY”, and the new album “REKK CITY”, Rekkhan is letting the people know that good music will shine regardless …
Rekkhan was ghostwriting and producing for other artists. By accident he decided to become an artist himself.. “I was never a fan of the limelight. I come from humble beginnings. And I always wanted to see the next person shine. Besides, its more money in writing and producing, then being just an artist..Music 101″. And like Rekkhan says ,”Do what you can , while you can”.

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